​...I am based in New Jersey. Photography has always been an instinct of mine and it is something that I have turned into a passion. The outdoors have been a part of my life since I was a kid. From summer camp to just playing in the woods, I love taking in nature and everything around it. I was fortunate that I was able to move to the mountains of North Carolina when I was accepted into Western Carolina University in 2005. I graduated in 2009 and worked in the outdoor retail industry until 2015. In September 2016 I moved to New Jersey to start life with my wife, Ashley.

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​It is my goal to capture and interpret your wedding in a way that is memorable and parallel to the story of your relationship. Although I take wedding photography seriously- I understand that it needs to be FUN as well. Finding the right photographer to fit your needs and vision is one of the biggest challenges in wedding planning. I am here to assure you that you are in good hands. My values are trust, reliability, connection, and humor, and I have found that this goes a long way in capturing weddings. Whether I am working solo or with my assistant and wife, we are dedicated to what we do and are thankful for these opportunities - it is an honor to be a part of such a big day!

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